The festival held in January 2010 was put on with very limited funds. As a result it was only held for 1 day. If it were not for the hard work of many volunteers who worked for free, and for the help of Limbe City council who provided materials and workers to set up the site, it could not have happened.
Having failed to secure funding for an event in Jan 2011 we still have the intention of making it bigger and better for 2012.
It was a tremendous event and provides a great showcase for the spectacular variety of cultures that coexist in Cameroon together.

What can you do?
If you would like to help make next year's festival bigger and better we are looking for help in the following ways:

  • Corporate, charitable and private sponsors
  • Partners in the entertainments industry to market the music and films to make the festival financially self-sustainable.
  • Volunteers to help set up the festival.
If you can help in any way or are interested in finding out more contact us at
or write to:
Global Music Exchange
PO Box 2260
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