On January 16th 2010 the first "Under the Volcano" Festival of traditional music & dance was held in "Jungle Village", Botanic Gardens, Limbe in Cameroon.

Performers from 7 of the 10 regions of Cameroon took part in a magnificent display of music and dance.

Cameroon is known as "Africa in Miniature".There are around 260 distinct ethnic groups and languages, and the festival gave a glimpse of the rich diversity of culture in Cameroon.

At the festival we aim:

  • to bring all ages, ethnicities and religions together in a joyous open-air event.
  • to show off the diversities of different cultures.
  • to encourage people to nurture their traditional culture.
  • to mix professional and amateur performers in one festival and show people that their culture is appreciated widely.
  • through filming and recording to show off these cultures to the world
  • to eventually make the festival self-sustaining.
Examples of all the environments of Africa are present in Cameroon from desert to savanna to rainforest to mountains. The different cultures also mirror all the peoples of Africa. At the festival in Limbe we bring Cameroon together through music and dance.
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